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Containing a good selection of interesting mounts to climb, Central Tien Shan can boast the most exciting climbing in Asia. The diversity of its peaks is immense  - from Karly Tau Peak, 5450m. to Khan Tengri Peak, 7010 m. 


Khan Tengri Peak is undoubtedly the treasure of the Tien Shan. It is the second highest mountain in this northernmost of the Asian mountain ranges. Khan Tengri - "lord of spirits" - the sacred mountain of the Turks. Rare peaks can be compared in beauty to this giant, especially at sunset, when the surrounding mountains plunge into darkness, and only the Khan Tengri, which is superior in height, turns red.


We have developed several options of varying duration, difficulty and services to Khan Tengri Peak:

- "Standard" - a classic 24-day climbing program,

- "Joint Team" - climbing in a group with experienced mountain guide,

- "Advanced" - the program of ascent to Khan Tengri peak in 20 days,

- "Extreme" – ascent Khan Tengri peak in 14 days, for experienced climbers only


Almaty is the closest city from where you can get to the foot of Khan Tengri Peak (only 5 hours by car and 35 minutes by helicopter).

As a pioneer in the organization of commercial expeditions to Khan Tengri Peak, we apply our 32 years of experience in the high mountains to ensure the maximum safety of our clients and guarantee the best service.


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Welcome to the great Tien Shan Mountains! 



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