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Karly Tau Peak, 5450m

Comfort level:
Physical rating:
Min. group size: 10
Country: Kazakhstan

«My first ascent of the Central Tien Shan», 

Karly Tau peak, 5450м


Special for mountain adventures lovers are offered a unique opportunity to visit the foot of the highest peak of Kazakhstan - Khan Tengri peak 7010 m. Spending a couple of evenings among climbers from different countries of the world and climb the beautiful snow mountain - Karly Tau 5450m. under the guidance of an experienced guide of our company.

The ascent on this mountain becomes very popular, more and more adventurers and beginner climbers aspire to visit the area of Khan Tengri peak and make a simple ascension top above 5000 metres above sea level. The top of Karly Tau is ideally suited for these purposes.

Karly Tau Peak is the only mount in the Central Tien Shan, suitable for those climbers who wish to climb the first peak over 5000m.. The ascension route is extremely simple - a flat glacier to camp 1 (4250m), gentle slope leades to camp 2 (4800 m.), a flat snow plateau to the pass, from which on a snow crest the steepness of 35 degrees reaches top.

The ascent is made from climbers base camp which is located on the Northern Inylchek glacier at an altitude of 4000 m.




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