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Khan Tengri Peak, 7010m Kazakhstan

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Karly Tau Peak, 5450m, Central Tien Shan

Your first ascent to the peak over 5000m.! Together with our experienced guide, conquer one of the snowy peaks of the Central Tien Shan Mountains!

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Cycling and Mountain-bike tours. Super raids along mountain roads of the Tien Shan and Kazakhstan deserts! Comfortable camps and cross-country vehicle escort.

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Photo tours

In crosshairs of cameras are stone yurtas, salt castles, green meadows, smooth lakes and mountain peaks.

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Walking and Trekking Trips

Travel around picturesque mountains and landscapes. Helicopter excursions over Central Tien Shan Mountains to Khan Tengri Peak!

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Fishing Holidays

Big - game fishing! Trophy fishing for catfish. Carp, grass carp, chub, zander, bream, barbell, sturgeon.

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Ethnographic tours

Insightful journeys through the historical and sacral places of Kazakhstan, immersing into nomadic culture lifestyle, where the visitors are not onlookers but participants of all events.

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Kan Tengri Expeditions gives you a new world of adventure!

The largest tour operator of Kazakhstan Kan Tengri Expeditions offers you to plunge into the world of active recreation and eco-tourism! You will be conquered by mountain peaks, fascinating photos and bike tours through the boundless expanses of the steppe, and breathtaking mountain skiing and heli-ski tours in the mountains of the Central Tien Shan!


On the eve of its 30th anniversary, the Best Tour Operator of Kazakhstan
Kan Tengri Expeditions offers you the selected programs of outdoor activities in the wild and ethnographic tourism!
Tailor made

Create your tailor-made program together with Kan Tengri Expeditions.


" I consider the peak of Khan Tengri is one of the most beautiful peaks of the world. The infrastructure created by Kazbek from several high-altitude camps makes the most difficult climbing expeditions on the Central Tien Shan safe and even comfortable. "

Reinhold Messner (the first ascents of all 14 «eight thousanders» of all over the world)

" The success of my two expeditions in Tien Shan - to the Khan Tengri peak in 1998 and to the Pobeda peak in 2000 turned out to be possible due to the excellent coordinated work of the team of the company “Kan Tengri” under the leadership of my long-time friend Kazbek Valiyev. I am very grateful to him ... "

Junko Tabei (the first woman to set foot on the summit of Everest):

"In Kazakhstan, we were received by Kazbek Valiyev’s company. There were only two reasons that made us turn to this company, but both were quite convincing: the lowest price of all offered to us for roughly equivalent services and the relative safety of the northern route served by the Valiyev’s company. Just to say that I was satisfied with the level of service, it would look like black ingratitude. All the employees of this company, with whom we had the good fortune to encounter in Almaty, on the way to the Base Camp and there, they were so cute, friendly and helpful (in the best sense of the word) that I did not understand whether Kazbek Valiyev choose them or grows his own on his own personal plot. "

Yan Rybak book "Not heroic notes"

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