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Why should I choose Kan Tengri Expeditions?

Exclusive adventure tours
The best value for money
30 years experience in tourism
Our own helicopter port with the certified tourist helicopter

Is it possible to create my own tailor-made program?      

Of course, it is! All you need to do is to send us an email and leave a request. We will answer all the questions as soon as it will be possible, plan your adventure out and provide you with all the best suggestions that were mentioned in your request.

What includes the offered tour package?

Each program has its cost: what is included in it and what is not. Frequently our programs include accommodation in a hotel, all meals, transfers, city and sightseeing tours, sights entrance tickets, a guide-interpreter, salary and insurance of our staff.

Do your programs include flights?

International flights ARE NOT included in the price, but if there are domestic flights or flights to Central Asia countries in the tour program – we will try to include them in the final tour cost.

Do I need VISA for visiting Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is a tourism-oriented country, that is why there is a list of countries, citizens of which can stay on the territory of the country without visa. There is also temporary permission for staying in the Republic of Kazakhstan for Georgian**, Ukrainian**, Argentinian**, Brazilian**, Serbian**, Turkish**, Mongolian**, Ecuadorian** citizens. There is also no need for a visa to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries: Azerbaijan*, Armenia*, Belarus*, Kyrgyzstan**, Moldova**, Russia**, Tajikistan* and Uzbekistan*.  * Visa-free regime with the right to stay in the country up to 30 days. ** Visa-free regime with the right to stay in the country up to 90 days. Kazakhstan visa information with Visa-free regime to the Republic of Kazakhstan

Do I need a travel insurance?

Yes, this is a must-have item for ALL of our customers.

Is it safe to travel in Kazakhstan?

Yes, Kazakhstan is a pretty safe country, especially if you are travelling with the guiding group of our company. You will be provided with an interpreter and a driver along the whole trip.

What payment method is in Kazakhstan?

Payment by cash and credit card is available in Kazakhstan. The local currency is tenge. You can bring euro and dollars with you and then change them into the local currency. Most shops accept payment by credit cards, but in the markets and bazaars cash payments are welcome.

What languages do you speak in Kazakhstan?

There was a cultural project adopted at the state level in Kazakhstan in 2007. It named “Trinity of Languages” - Kazakh, Russian and English: the state language is Kazakh, the language of international communication is Russian and English is a tool for intercultural communication. Kazakhstan is a multinational country. There are about 125 nations and nationalities and about 125 languages exist in the country.



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