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Summer Heli Ski In Central Tien

Comfort level:
Physical rating:
Min. group size: 13
Country: Kazakhstan

Summer Heli Ski

This absolutely unique Heli - Ski program can be organized in the summer period, only with Kan Tengri Mountain Service . Without false modesty we can say that only our company is operating this program. This is our exclusive "Know - How ". You can ski in the summer on slopes from an altitude of 4500 m up to 5800 m. In this program you will spend the first week in alpine meadows at an altitude of 2200 m in comfortable tents on the bank of a mountain river and in the nearness of coniferous forests. For five days in the morning after breakfast, starting from the meadow full of edelweiss, an 20 minutes flight with a powerful Russian helicopter will bring you between snow-covered peaks and mighty glaciers. The first two days you'll be skiing from the top of an glacier with an altitude of 4500-4700 meters, 7-8 runs a day each with a total height-difference of 700-800 meters. (is this right???) It will give you a good acclimatization. In this phase the descents are not steep and acceptable for skiers at any level. The second phase has descents from the tops of 5000 - 5500 meters glaciers. The height-difference is 1500 m. The exceptional group can have more than 4 descents a day. Any of them is a real enjoyment for experienced skiers who ski well on icy and crumbed snow. On fifth and last day of skiing the group has to decide whom of the participants (sometimes the whole group!) will ski from Semeyonov peak (5816 m). This is "ski - extreme". Only Kan Tengri's guides have the experience of skiing-down from this top. The height-difference from the top to the foot of this peak is 1800 m. Every descent is a unique experience. But until now only one group has refused from this adventure. The rest skied down very successfully, were the helicopter awaited them with champagne. We guarantee skiing 15000 m of height-difference for the whole program. In the same time 18000 m is included in the cost.

Duration: 8 days
Period: July - August
Min.group size: 6 persons

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