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Vacation at Peremychka fishing camp

Comfort level:
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Min. group size: 20
Country: Kazakhstan

A vacation at "Peremychka" fishing camp 

“Peremychka” fishing camp is situated on an island in the heart of the Ili River, among the channels and lakes of Akozek water system, 350 km from Almaty. This year our fishing camp is already 22 years old, we were the “pioneers” of organizing fishing in the Delta of Ili River for foreign anglers. Our water area is more than 200 square kilometers of water, and this entire territory is at the complete disposal of our guests.

The fat flocks of grass carp, carp, common carp, pike perch, snakehead, bersh, crucian carp, roach, asp and king of the Delta – a famous Ili trophy cat-fish spawn and gain weight. The remoteness of the camp from easily accessible fishing spots allows our guests to enjoy high-quality fishing and silence.

Fishing is carried out from 6-meter flat-bottomed boats equipped with powerful Yamaha and Mercury engines under the supervision of our experienced fishing guides. The guide, in turn, will surprise you with a boat tour among the labyrinth of lakes and channels, he is responsible for your successful fishing and for training beginners. Moving by boat, you can catch all the most fishing spots within a radius of 40 km from the base. Our staff feeds “pits” with boiled corn in advance, so there is always a catch!

According to the "eco-friendly" rules used in the world, our camp is built in the style of the African Safari Lodge, combining the atmosphere of unity with nature and comfort. Guests are accommodated in comfortable double bungalows with wide beds under Masahans. The spacious terraces offer beautiful views of the lake. For the complete comfort of vacationers, a wonderful wood-fired Russian banya, with a steam room made of linden and a staircase leading to the lake.

The menu, table layout and service in the cozy restaurant meets international standards. As a bonus, our Chef will cook you caught fresh fish.

The fishing camp "Peremychka" is great for families, there are several piers on its territory where the wives and children of the fishermen have a good time.

In the evening, the camp will be decorated with an unusual “kerosene lanterns show”, and guests can have a good time around the campfire.

There are two ways of getting to the camp:

First one is along the Karaganda highway, through the village of Kanshengel to the village of “37 party” (300 km) along a good asphalt road, and then along the “dirt road” to “Pristan” (near the village of Kashkarbai) - 35 km, from where from the bank of the Ili river motor boats will be picked you up and deliver to the camp in 20 minutes.

The second - past Lake Kapchagay, through the villages of Bakanas and Aral Tobe - also to the village of "37 party".

!!! If you don’t have a jeep, or if you don’t want to scratch your cars on the last — deserted — section of the road to Pristan (35 km), then we will arrange your off-road crossing. You can leave your cars under guard at the “37 party”. The cost of the service for the group is 20,000 tenge in both directions.

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