Kan Tengri Expeditions Travel & Adventure in Kazakhstan

Desert & Mountains

Comfort level:
Physical rating:
Group size: 15
Country: Kazakhstan

“Desert & Mountains”

Hiking-sightseeing tour on four National parks Kazakhstan

Duration: 7 Days \ 6 nights
Period: April – October
Itinerary: Almaty – Altyn Emel National Park – Charyn Canyon - Kolsai Lakes - Kazakh Aul Yurt Camp – Almaty

Kazakhstan - the world’s ninth-biggest country is the most economically advanced of the Central Asians ‘stans’, thanks to its abundant reserves of oil and most other valuable minerals. This means generally better standards of accommodation, restaurants and transport than elsewhere in Central Asia. Kazakhstan is a tourist friendly country that has “visa free” regime with 45 countries and direct flights from Asia and Europe.
The biggest city, Almaty, is almost reminiscent of Europe with its leafy avenues, chic cafes, glamor shopping and amazing nightlife. The capital Astana, located on the windswept steppe is the 21st-century showpiece with a profusion of bold futuristic architecture.
During this Cultural exploration, you will get acquainted with the heritage of a Kazakh nomadic civilization, history of the Silk Road, you will enjoy the gastronomy traditions of hundred nationalities living in this amazing country as well as its beautiful nature with varied landscapes from the desert , canyons, steppe and up to the snowcapped Tien Shan mountains.

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