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Khan Tengri Peak, 7010m, Guided expedition in Joint Team

Comfort level:
Physical rating:
Min. group size: 2
Country: Kazakhstan

Khan Tengri peak 7010m

Guided expedition in Joint team

Since 2010 we organized guided expedition in joint team to Khan Tengri peak, 7010 m.

 If you…

  • You do not have enough high-altitude background
  • Your background do not let you feel free on fixed-ropes
  • Feel difficult bringing climbing equipment shared with your partner alone
  • You would like to have belay partner on route to summit
  • You can not afford to hire an individual guide

This offer is special for you!

In 2020, we are bringing a group together to Khan Tengri peak from the Northern side in joint international team with our guide! 


An experienced professional guide will lead the group together with assistants (one on each four climbers). The group will be equipped with 4&2-persons high-altitude tents, ropes, gas stoves &cylinders, sets of cooking accessories. High-altitude food will be purchased in advance (the list of food will be sent to each participant beforehand in order to make individual updating). Climbers are to bring their own personal equipment only and will concentrate in training for the ascent.

By the appointed date all participants will gather in Karkara Base Camp, discuss the expedition plan; our guide will make instructional advices and check the individual equipment. The group will make the acclimatization ascent and fly by helicopter to North Inylchek Base Camp.

This program will allow you to achieve the maximum result, make successful ascent and reach the summit of Khan Tengri Peak.

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