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Helicopter excursion flights

Comfort level:
Physical rating:
Group size: 1
Country: Kazakhstan

Helicopter excursion  flights over the mountains of Central Tien Shan

to the highest point of Kazakhstan – Khan Tengri Peak, 7010m.

Karkara Base Camp, Kazakhstan


Planned flight dates:

in July - 24.07.2021 and 31.07.2021;

in August - 12.08.2021 and 20.08.2021. 

Join us and you will take one of the most amazing and memorable journeys of your life!


In summer, when it is hot and stuffy in the city, we invite you to our “Karkara” Base Camp, which is located on the alpine meadows of the Central Tien Shan. Here you can enjoy the freshness and coolness of the mountains, breathe in fresh air filled with the aromas of herbs and flowers, see the endless starry sky, and at night in silence listen to the sound of the wind and the mountain river.

The main purpose of this trip will be taking part in an exclusive adventure as a helicopter excursion to the foot of the highest mountain of Kazakhstan - the famous Khan Tengri peak.




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