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Freeride in Karkara

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Unique freeride around of Almaty!

KanTengri Expeditions offers skiing and snowboarding on virgin snow in a new area in the foothills of the Central Tien Shan. Discovered by our team for the first time, the mountain slopes of the Bas Karkara range are the perfect place for freeride - and there's plenty of it! Skiing on open slopes and among spruce trees, varied terrain, no tourists, lots of snow and even more! Transport on the slopes - a powerful Austrian snowcat from PISTENBULLY or a snowmobile.

Discover this freeride paradise with us!

The only freeride base "Karkara" around Almaty is located near the village of Kegen. The unique geographical location of the base under the slopes of Sartasu tract allows you to ride on the territory of more than 50 square kilometers with different mountain relief at altitudes up to 3000 meters.

Freeride in Karkara is a stable snow cover from mid-December to the end of March with fresh powders and prepared mountain roads for riders on snowcat and snowmobiles to reach different locations.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors during one day you will make up to 10 descents of up to 4 km length each with a total height difference of up to 4000 meters. Slopes up to 40 degrees. More than 5 locations with many different peaks and lines are available.

Freeride in Karkara is not only extreme skiing, but also a fascinating sightseeing excursion by snowmobile or snowcat across the dazzling mountains. All this makes the program unforgettable!

Only we know the best freeride spots in Karkara!

Perfect accommodation in a cosy guest house. Every evening you can relax in the sauna.


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