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Marble Wall Peak, 6400m

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Min. group size: 2
Country: Kazakhstan

Marble Wall, 6400m, Kazakhstan

This is the most Northern peak in Asia exceeding 6000 m. The name of this peak was given by one of the first explorers of the Tien Shan, G. Mertsbakher in 1902. Settled on the border of China and Kazakhstan, this summit is distinguished by the 500-meter high marble wall, in a peculiar way enclosed between massive glaciers. This summit is a challenge for those mountain-climbers who for the first time climb over 6000 meters.

Expeditions may be arranged during any season of the year but helicopter can be used in July and August only. The summit offers several technically simple but very extensive routes along the adjacent ridges and slopes up to 40 degrees steep. At least three intermediate camps must be set up at altitudes 4400,5200, and 5800 m. Even at 6000 meters, when expecting to set foot on a new ridge, you will enjoy the staggering view of the North Wall of Khan Tengri peak and encircling summits and glaciers of Kazakhstan and China. The ascent of Marble Wall peak is a good way to get acclimatized before climbing Khan Tengri and Pobeda peaks.


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