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Helicopter MI-171

Our helicopter

In the summer heli-seasons "Kazaviaspas" Helicopter Service has been cooperating with us. Our tourists made flights over the Central Tien Shan on the board of this company’s helicopter, which also, together with Kan Tengri Expeditions, provided emergency medical assistance throughout the summer season, eliminated the consequences of emergency situations, brought people from one side of the glacier to the other, was an irreplaceable part of every hiking and cycling tour of our company, as well as flying over the most beautiful and picturesque places during photo and video tours organized by Kan Tengri Expeditions.



The professionalism of the flight personnel and the modern specialized aviation equipment together with the airworthiness certificate give a guarantee for complete safety and absolute trust to our partners and Kan Tengri Expeditions.



The “spaceship” of our company this year was MI-171.
The helicopter MI-171 is a multi-purpose helicopter and is available in passenger, transport and business versions.
It can be used for transportation of people, for which there are heating and ventilation system equipped in a cargo cabin. There are also folding seats for 24 people

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