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Kazakhstan is the center of unique horse nomadic civilization

Kazakhstan is the center of unique horse nomadic civilization, bringing a huge contribution to the history of a humankind.

According to the results of 2004 year’s  “Genetic Geography” project by Geographical Society of the United States of America, it was established that T-shaped crossroad on the path of humanity’s migration on our planet was located on the territory of modern Kazakhstan.

Domesticated horse and camel, the invention of the wheel, cart and mobile felt tent-YURT, have given to humanity the opportunity to active movement throughout the Eurasian continent and further to the North and the South America. Kazakhs consider themselves as the direct ancestors of all European, Asian and American indigenous peoples.

Knowledge in the field of climatology and astronomy for weather forecasting and navigation, laws of genetics and breeding for increasing livestock, crop production for choosing food resources, mathematics, medicine, metallurgy and other sciences and technologies allowed the nomads to create a unique horse nomadic civilization.

The representatives of horse nomadic civilization as Attila and Genghis khan are founders of Great Empires , which were a stronghold of peace and  progress  in the history of the European continent, Russia, China, India and other countries.

The biggest geo-economical projects as The Great Silk Road and further The Sea Silk Road were established by Mangi El ( Eternal People) Empire of  nomads and are still existing now. The attester of the history was famous Marco Polo.

The nomad’s perception of the world, whose life was completely dependent on the weather, more than 5,000 years ago led them to the cult of the Eternal Blue Sky as the Only Deity of Tengri, which spread throughout all Turk peoples. The highest mountain of Kazakhstan is Khan Tengri Peak 7010 m (Commanding Tengri), which is visible only from Kazakhstan and it is a visual symbol of the worldview of the people living in huge spaces system.

A cult of Tanir (Tengri) also called Tengrism is the first monotheistic doctrine in the history of humankind, which became the forerunner of all world religions and teachings.




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