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China Extension (Kashgar)

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Our programs can be extended to Eastern Turkestan - Xinjiang. This territory called "The New Fronter" is the most western and the largest Chinese province. During the Tang Dynasty it played an important role in the traffic between China and Europe - the Great Silk Road. Not only goods but ideas and religions like Buddhism and Islam also traveled. Many remnants of this period can still be seeing. Xinjiang is partually covered by the Taklamakan Desert, partually by the Gobi Desert and most it's cities are actually oasises. It shares K2 - the second highest Mount on the Planet - with Pakistan, the Tien Shan mountains with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and the Altai mountains with Russia and Mongolia. It is home for many different nationalities and cultures. Almaty is the ideal gateway to this part of China.

The aim of China Extension trip is to visit Urumqi, Turfan and famous Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar as additional adventure jointed to your main program.

Day 1
Flight to Urumqi.
Day 2
Urumqi city tour. Evening flight to Kashgar.
Day 3
Visit Sunday Bazaar. Evening flight to Urumqi.
Day 4
Excursion to Turfan. Evening flight to Almaty.

Please, refer to program dossier for more details

Option: Return via Kyrgyzstan.

Day 3 Visit Sunday Bazaar. Overnight in Kashgar.

Day 4 Drive to Torugart Pass, change car to drive to Naryn.

Day 5 Drive to Almaty via Bishkek.

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