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Desert and Mountain Adventure

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This intensive tour gives the chance to experience several native climatic zones, ranging from the wilderness to high mountains - within one tour. The route is running through Taukum Desert and then via the reed jungle in the Ili River delta to the mystifying Signing Sand Dune, titanic Charyn Canyon, mountain woods, glaciers and summits of Tien Shan. On the way you will come across the antique monuments of the Kazakhstan history: rock carvings dating back to the II Millennium BC, necropolises and burial mounds of the Saaks, erected in V-IV Century BC. Typical inhabitants of the Altyn-Yemel National Park are desert animals - ibex, gaselle, antelopes, onagri, camels, jackals and foxes. During night fish watching you will see specimen of the underwater kingdom in the clear waters of the Ili River. We provide transfers by buses, motorboats, safari-trucks and camels. You will be given every support by our amicable and tireless staff in the convenient mobile camps, equipped with the spacious living tents with camp-beds, travelling kitchen and mess-room, showers and toilets. Variety of delicious and tasty food will add to your enjoyment.

Day 1 Arrive Almaty. Transfer to Base Camp in Ili River delta
Day 2 Transfer to National Park
Day 3-4 National Park excursion
Day 5 Transfer to Northern Tien Shan
Day 6 Almaty city tour
Day 7 Fly home.

You can refer to program dossier for more details
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