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The steppes of Baykonur Spacelaunch
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This place became historical for the whole planet, here the faith of our civilization was decided and the countdown of the new era of living for people started.

In 1954 the marshal of the Soviet Union Georgyi Jukov determines a task to find a place to become an experimental range for the rockets testing. The place was found - it became a Tura-Tam double-track section, situated in the endless steppe of Kazakhstan, unknown, hidden from the eyes of the people.

Finally the experimental range was built. On October 4, 1957 that rocket brought the first artificial Earth sattelite to the orbit. After that the experimental range got a name - Cosmodrome. On April 12, 1961 Yuryi Gagarin made the first cosmic flight around the Earth on his spaceship "Vostok". It lasted for 108 min. After that the Cosmodrome gets a name "Baykonur" and the city gets a name Leninsk.
Since 1992 the vast activity was stopped at cosmodrome. Since 1994 Russia has renewed its cosmic programs at Baykonur. At present Russia has an agreement with Kazakhstan of exploitation of Baykonur for 20 years with the future extension of the agreement. Nowadays Baykonur is an island of Russia on the huge territory of Kazakhstan. Only research and national economic launches take place in Baykonur now. All the military launches are done from Plesetsk launching site near Moscow.

Baykonur Spacelaunch 7 Days
Spacecrafts of Baykonur 7 Days Dossier
By Silk Road to Baykonur 12 Days Dossier

Plan of the launches from "Baykonur" cosmodrome for year 2001

January 2001 29th EO pilot spaceship "Soiuz TM" launch with the cosmonauts S. Sharipov and P. Vinogradov on board.
April 2001 Spaceship "Soiuz TM" # 207 launch.
June-July 2001 30th launch of EO-30 pilot spaceship "Soiuz TM" with the cosmonauts T. Musabaev and U. Baturin on board. It is planned that the first cosmonaut-tourist D. Tito will join them.
  Number of launches in the second part of year 2001.
October 2001 "Soiuz TM" #211 pilot spaceship launch
Day 16
Drive to Almaty

Outlook for the future launches

From year 2003 to 2014 up to 9 launches on the program of docking of the European cargo spaceships to "Zvezda" orbital station.

March 2003 First planned start launch on above program.
April 2003 European scientific module launch.
June 2004 European scientific module launch.

"Kan Tengri Mountain Service" does not guarantee exact terms and dates of the launches. As a rule, they depend on technical and financial conditions.
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